How do I trade longer timeframes?

Whenever anyone looks at longer time frames, I always suggest approaching the settings in the same way you would for an indicator like a moving average as an example, and to think about what length of time is important/relevant to you on the time frame you are thinking of trading.

If you're trading hourly charts, how long in the past is relevant to influence your decision?  Do you trade these times already with past systems you've used? If so, what look back period did you use on the other indicators you used? The CCT dashboard can be used in exactly the same way with the look back, so if you wanted to look at the last week you could choose “Historical” and then enter 7 days for the look back period.

I don't have specific settings I can recommend simply because I don't trade those longer time periods and so I have no hard stats about what would work best. I wouldn't want to dictate exact settings when I personally haven't traded them myself. 

My initial advice would be to simply leave the look back periods as they are by default in the dashboard, and then change the chart time frames to something higher. This way you are using the same look back period I use, but you're applying it to a longer time period that is more suitable to what you are interested in trading. I think that will give you the easiest starting point and may work perfectly well for you. If it needs adjusting, you can then look at changing the look back periods to reflect a specific period of time, like the past week or past month for example.

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