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There are good reviews and poor reviews of our training, just as there are with everything out in the internet land.  We really do not put any time or effort in to replying to these as it typically goes down hill very rapidly with he said / she said and mobs on either side adding fuel to the fire.  Unfortunately, many aspiring traders look for a "holy grail" that will provide 100% wins with no effort.  When they realized that learning to trade takes time and effort they place blame everywhere but on themselves.  No dashboard, indicator, or EA is the solution... these are just tools.  Learning to trade, or learning any craft for that matter, teaches you to apply the tools in a manner that puts you in a position to excel.

To add to that, this review site is full of folks that have never purchased even our Introduction Course much less our home study course.  Sites like this have their own agenda and use negative reviews to generate traffic which they resell for marketing and ad retargeting.

If you would like to study with us, please use the links on the main page to get started.  If we are not the right fit for you, that is fine too.  There are many great teachers out there that have incredible training programs that will help you become successful (if you stick with the training and apply the knowledge).

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