Buy / Sell / Close buttons are not working on the Trade Manager EA.

It sounds like perhaps "Allow Live Trading" in the common tab is not checked or AutoTrading in MT4 is not activated.

Lets try this... in the chart where you have applied the BreakOutBox EA, there should be a little smiling/frowning face in the top right side of the screen.  Click on this face and it will open an input box for the tool (this is the same box that you would see when you first apply the expert to a chart).  Click on the tab labeled "Common" and make sure that "Allow Live Trading" has a check mark next to it and then click OK to close.  Next, look at the top of MT4 and you will see a button labeled "AutoTrading".  Please click to activate this.  

Now, the face in the corner of your chart should be smiling (which indicates that it is active) and your buttons and tool will operate as per the tutorial.

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